Genshin Handmade Luxury Wanderer Pet Scaramouche Cat Toy Cosplay Mascot Doll Gift, Genshin Scarameow Plushie





Introducing the Scarameow Plushie - a must-have for all Genshin enthusiasts! Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our high-quality plushies serve as delightful additions to your desk or room decor. Whether you're an avid collector or simply seeking the ideal gift for fellow Genshin players, fans, or lovers, the Scarameow Plushie is your answer.


✦✦✦ Product Detail ✦✦✦

Item size: 9.9''

• Material: Fabric, cotton

• Plushie is handmade 100%

• All materials are good quality, fabric and cotton make the plushie very soft.

• Our high quality plushies are perfect for desk decoration, room decoration, collection and meaningful gifts with Genshin players, Genshin fans and Genshin Lovers. Adopt your own Scarameow plushie!