Uni Plush Doll Genshin Electro Archon Cotton Doll Plush 20 CM



Electro Archon, a character from Genshin, is now available as a meticulously designed plush doll offered by Uniplushdoll. These 20cm cotton dolls are exquisitely crafted to bring out the beauty and essence of Electro Archon, making them a must-have addition to your gameplushies collection.

 At Uniplushdoll, we take great pride in our Genshin plushies, ensuring that each one captures every intricate detail of your favorite characters. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this Electro Archon plush, or explore our wide range of other characters to complete your Uniplushdoll Genshin collection.



1、Users can dress up and style their own plush doll after getting one.

2、The plush doll can be taken out for socializing and taking photos.

3、The plush doll is purely handmade.

4、It's an excellent gift idea.