Uni Plush Doll Glasses -20cm Plush Cotton Doll Accessories (Glasses Only)



Eyewear accessories only, dolls and others not included

Introducing Glasses, the latest addition to our exquisite plush clothing collection, designed to enhance the beauty and glamour of your beloved 20 cm plush doll. At Uniplushdoll, we take pride in creating a diverse range of plush clothing collections, guaranteeing endless enjoyment as you dress up your cherished cotton doll collection.

Each item in our collection is meticulously crafted by our experts, ensuring that your favorite doll comes to life with every outfit. We invite you to explore our new assortment of plush doll clothes, allowing you to bestow a fresh and captivating beauty upon your Uniplushdoll collection.



1、Users can dress up and style their own plush doll after getting one.